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Record UnitRecord Unit Name
1Architectural drawings and maps of Yale University buildings and grounds, ca. 1728-1990 (inclusive).
2Yale University buildings and grounds architectural documentation, circa 1747-2008 (inclusive).
3Materials concerning the Yale Bowl from Charles A. Ferry, 1911-1989 (inclusive).
9Records of the Fellowship of Helen Hadley Hall, Yale University 1945-1978 (inclusive).
16Office of the president, Yale University, records concerning the May Day rally, 1970-1976 (inclusive).
19Records of Reuben A. Holden as secretary of Yale University, 1901-1972 (inclusive).
22Records of Alfred Whitney Griswold as president of Yale University, 1950-1963 (inclusive).
23Records of Charles Seymour as president of Yale University, 1917-1956 (inclusive).
24Records of James Rowland Angell as president of Yale University, 1921-1937 (inclusive).
25Records of Arthur Twining Hadley as president of Yale University, 1899-1921 (inclusive).
36Elizabethan Club, Yale University, records, ca. 1900-2007 (inclusive).
41School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale University, records 1905-2006 (inclusive).
43Records of training camps conducted by the School of Forestry, Yale University, 1901-1962 (inclusive).
49Records of the secretary's office, Yale University, 1899-1953 (inclusive).
56Clubs, societies, and organizations at Yale records ca. 1768-2006 (inclusive).
59Records of WYBC, Yale University, 1941-1984 (inclusive).
75Yale Debate Association Records, 1947-1983 (inclusive).
83Materials documenting the Black Student Alliance at Yale, 1971.
86May Day rally and Yale collection, circa 1970-1974 (inclusive).
93Botanical teaching slides of the Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale University, ca. 1900-1940 (inclusive).
104Yale objects collection, 1697-2002 (inclusive).
106Photographs of Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University, 1961-1963 (inclusive).
117Yale Picture Collection, ca. 1831-1996 (inclusive).
120Librarian, Yale University, records, ca. 1701-2007 (inclusive).
130Records of Thomas Clap as president of Yale College, ca. 1720-1765 (inclusive).
138Yale student scrapbook collection, ca. 1824-1955 (inclusive).
143Records and essays of the Scholars of the House Program, Yale University, 1950-1987 (inclusive).
148Records of the Yale Repertory Theatre, 1966-2003 (inclusive).
150Yale diploma collection, ca. 1702-1950 (inclusive).
151Records of the treasurer, Yale University, 1700-1973 (inclusive).
156Whiffenpoofs, Yale University, records 1904-2009 (inclusive).
159Yale course lectures collection, ca. 1720-1986 (inclusive).
164Yale University Corporation Records, ca. 1714-2006 (inclusive).
185Poster collection documenting Yale, 1717-2006 (inclusive).
197Records of the Faculty Committee on Receiving Oxford and Cambridge Children, Yale University, 1940-1948 (inclusive).
205School of Nursing, Yale University, records, 1918-2010 (inclusive).
231Connecticut Training School for Nurses records and memorabilia, 1786-1954 (inclusive).
232Yale-China Association records, 1878-2008 (inclusive).
235Yale-China Association papers and memorabilia, 1877-1997 (inclusive).
259Art, architecture, and art history theses and projects, Yale University, 1915-2008(inclusive).
266Yale Club of New Haven records, 1909-1996 (inclusive).
269Associate University Librarian for Public Services, Yale University, records, 1931-2008 (inclusive).
274Records of the Department of Astronomy, Yale University, 1848-1972 (inclusive).
285Dean of the School of Medicine, Yale University, records, 1888-1987 (inclusive).
300Yale Dramatic Association records, ca. 1900-2004 (inclusive).
307Yale University Corporation and Prudential Committee minutes, 1701-1999 (inclusive).
327Scrapbooks maintained by the master of Saybrook College, Yale University, 1933-1989 (inclusive).
331Yale student papers collection, ca. 1840-2010 (inclusive).
342Yale Glee Club Records, 1854-2007 (inclusive).
366Pamphlets and ephemera relating to degrees and honors awarded, 1930-1970 (inclusive).
387Photographs of Yale University Library collections and memorabilia, 1925-1987(inclusive).
397Yale School of Drama photographs and posters, 1920-2003 (inclusive).
442Berkeley College, Yale University, memorabilia, ca. 1929-2002 (inclusive).
455Matriculation books, registers, and grade books for the students in the School of Medicine, Yale University, 1835-1967 (inclusive).
481Minute books of the New Haven Dispensary, 1871-1934 (inclusive).
482Institute of International Studies, Yale University, records, 1935-1955 (inclusive).
529Records of the Committee on the Civil War Memorial, Yale University, 1909-1915 (inclusive).
600Pictures of Davenport College and Pierson College, Yale University, 1930-1961 (inclusive).
601Pictures of Silliman College, Yale University, 1939-1940 (inclusive).
602Pictures of Timothy Dwight College, Yale University, 1934-1938 (inclusive).
603Photographs of Berkeley College, Yale University, 1933-1997 (inclusive).
604Photographs of Branford College and Saybrook College, Yale University, 1932-1933 (inclusive).
605Photographs of Calhoun College, Yale University, 1931-1932 (inclusive).
608Photographs of Jonathan Edwards College, Yale University, 1925-1937 (inclusive).
609Pictures of Trumbull College, Yale University, 1929-1962 (inclusive).
610Pictures of Dwight Hall, Yale University, 1846-1937 (inclusive).
612Pictures of Payne Whitney Gymnasium, Yale University, 1930-1968 (inclusive).
613Pictures of Sterling Law Buildings, Yale University, 1930-1969 (inclusive).
614Photographs of Sheffield Hall, Sterling Tower, and Strathcona Hall, Yale University, 1931-1932 (inclusive).
615Photographs of Helen Hadley Hall, Yale University, 1957-1958 (inclusive).
616Photographs of Kline Geology Laboratory, Yale University, 1962-1963 (inclusive).
619Pictures of Sterling Chemistry Laboratory, Yale University, 1921-1962 (inclusive).
621Photographs of Kline Biology Tower, Yale University, 1964-1966 (inclusive).
622Photographs of Yale University Art Gallery, 1925-1953 (inclusive).
623Pictures of Hall of Graduate Studies, Yale University, 1930-1979 (inclusive).
624Architectural drawings and pictures of Street Hall, Yale University, by P. B. Wight, architect, ca. 1958.
627Photographs of William B. Greeley Memorial Laboratory, Yale University, 1958-1959 (inclusive).
628Pictures of Sterling Divinity Quadrangle, Yale University, 1931-1959 (inclusive).
629Photographs of David S. Ingalls Rink, Yale University, 1957-1970 (inclusive).
631Photographs of Memorial Quadrangle, Yale University, by James S. Hedden, 1917-1922 (inclusive).
632Photographs documenting residential colleges, Yale University, ca. 1930.
633Photographs of buildings and grounds of Yale and New Haven by Adolph Wittemann used in the publication "New Haven and Yale University," 1896-1901 (inclusive).
642Photographs of Yale and New Haven by Charles A. Gulliver, 1870-1890 (inclusive).
652Photographs used in the publication Profiles and Portraits of Yale University Presidents by Reuben A. Holden, ca. 1967-1968 (inclusive).
653Caricatures by Jack Masey of Yale faculty and staff, ca. 1930-1950 (inclusive).
657Photograph albums of Walter Freeman, Class of 1916, Yale College, documenting life at Yale 1912-1916 (inclusive).
659Pictures used in the publication Yale in the Civil War by Ellsworth Eliot, ca. 1932.
660Photograph collection of Viola F. Barnes documenting life at Yale, 1916-1919 (inclusive).
661Photograph collection of Charles F. Baldwin, Class of 1888, Yale College, documenting life at Yale and in New Haven, ca. 1888.
664Photograph collection of Ralph H. Gabriel, Class of 1913, Yale College, documenting life at Yale, ca. 1913.
666Photograph collection of Brian K. Welch, Class of 1916, Yale College, documenting life at Yale and in New Haven, ca. 1916.
678Photographs of Dickinson Hall and Wheelock Hall, Yale University, 1925.
684Images of Yale individuals, ca. 1750-2001 (inclusive).
685Pictures of buildings, grounds and landmarks in New Haven, 1653-1970 (inclusive).
686Office of Public Affairs, Yale University, photographs of individuals, 1870-2005 (inclusive).
687Postcard collection documenting Yale and New Haven, ca. 1890-1960 (inclusive).
688Greeting card collection documenting Yale and New Haven, ca. 1920-1994 (inclusive).
689Greeting card collection documenting Yale and New Haven, ca. 1920-1994 (inclusive).
690Yale events and activities photographs, 1852-2003 (inclusive).
691Pictures of Yale athletics, ca. 1850-1980 (inclusive).
692Pictures of Yale clubs and societies, ca. 1850-1994 (inclusive).
693Yale Daily News photographs, ca. 1950-2001 (inclusive).
694Photographs used in the publication of the Yale Alumni Magazine, ca. 1917-1973 (inclusive).
695Pictures of Memorial Quadrangle, Yale University, 1917-1977 (inclusive).
696Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University, photographs, 1927-2003 (inclusive).
697Pictures of buildings constructed for Yale University's bicentennial in 1901, ca. 1901-1963 (inclusive).
698Pictures of Street Hall, Yale University, 1864-1911 (inclusive).
699Pictures of South Sheffield Hall, Yale University, 1814-1931 (inclusive).
700Pictures of Connecticut Hall, Yale University, 1753-2000 (inclusive).
701Pictures of Sterling Hall of Medicine, Yale University, 1924-1949 (inclusive).
702Photographs of Dunham Laboratory, Yale University, 1912-1958 (inclusive).
703Yale University buildings and grounds photographs, 1716-2004 (inclusive).
709Student records of the Sheffield Scientific School, Yale University, ca. 1906-1965 (inclusive).
736Pictures of student life at Yale, 1779-1988 (inclusive).
748Photographs of events, activities, and individuals, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale University, ca. 1901-1983 (inclusive).
749Yale Law School photographs of events, activities, and individuals, ca. 1860-1970 (inclusive).
750Photographs documenting Yale's involvement with military and wartime activities, ca. 1898-1945 (inclusive).
751Photographs of the Yale University Corporation and university advisory groups, 1901-1992 (inclusive)
754Photographs of Yale alumni activities, 1889-1994 (inclusive).
763Photographs of custodial and administrative services, Yale University, 1865-1959 (inclusive).
764Photographs of religious organizations and activities, Yale University, ca. 1893-1962 (inclusive).
768Photographs of events and activities, Yale School of Music, ca. 1884-1970 (inclusive).
772Divinity School, Yale University, photographs and memorabilia circa 1889-1959 (inclusive).
775Photograph collection of Charles Albertus documenting life at Yale, ca. 1953-1968 (inclusive).
776Photograph collection of Benoni J. Truslow, Class of 1934, Sheffield Scientific School, documenting life at Yale, ca. 1960-1975 (inclusive).
779Pictures of Yale classes, 1806-1971 (inclusive).
819Sheffield Scientific School, Yale University, records, 1846-1969 (inclusive).
830Alumni Records Office, Yale University, records of alumni from the Classes of 1701-1978, 1868-2006 (inclusive).
843School of Architecture, Yale University, records of the dean, ca. 1931-2010 (inclusive).
854Lithograph of Yale College and the New Haven Green by Benjamin Nutting, ca. 1833.
861Yale student diary collection, 1838-2002 (inclusive).
867Scrapbook collection of Arnold G. Dana, Class of 1883, Yale College, titled Yale: Old and New, ca. 1800-1945 (inclusive).
886School of Architecture, Yale University, Records Concerning Events and Exhibitions, 1970-2010 (inclusive).
890Photographs documenting the School of Fine Arts, Yale University, ca. 1880-1950 (inclusive).
906Exhibit materials from Architecture or Revolution: Charles Moore and Architecture at Yale in the 1960s, School of Architecture, Yale University, ca. 1965-2002 (inclusive).
911Photographs by Philippe Halsman of Yale-affiliated individuals, 1946-1967 (inclusive).
913Student records of the Yale Divinity School, ca. 1845-1999 (inclusive).
925School of Architecture, Yale University, memorabilia, ca. 1913-2011 (inclusive).
934School of Architecture, Yale University, photographs of events, activities, and individuals, ca. 1980-2008 (inclusive).
938Department of Athletics, Yale University, records documenting hockey, 1895-1998 (inclusive).
957Records of the Afro-American Cultural Center at Yale, 1960-2006 (inclusive).
963Larry Kramer Initiative for Lesbian and Gay Studies, Yale University, exhibit and research materials from The Pink and The Blue, 1827-2004 (inclusive).
974Photograph collection of Marvin K. Lane, Class of 1937, Yale College, documenting life at Yale University, 1937.
1001Reminiscences and documentation of Yale University architecture students collected by Robert A. M. Stern, ca. 1970-1974 (inclusive).
1059Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Cooperative at Yale records, 1980-2009 (inclusive).
1081Ravi D. Goel collection on Yale, 1714-1936 (inclusive).
342Records and materials documenting the Yale Glee Club, 1847-2007 (inclusive)

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