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TitleLetter from a member of Skull and Bones Society to another member, page 1.
Image Number5534
Date of Creation1860-03-23
Original MaterialPaper
Copyright HolderCopyright public domain
DescriptionPossibly written by John E. Kimball to fellow Bonesman Edward C. Porter, both members of the Yale College Class of 1858.
Record Unit NameClubs, societies, and organizations at Yale records ca. 1768-2006 (inclusive).
Record Unit NumberRU 0056
Accession Number19ND-A-377
Box Number68
Folder Number320
Folder NameSkull and Bones. John E. Kimball, 1865.
File Name005534.jpg
Credit LineClubs, societies, and organizations at Yale records ca. 1768-2006 (inclusive). Manuscripts & Archives, Yale University

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