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TitleBerzelius members, Class of 1939.
Image Number5565
Date of Creation1939
Original MaterialPhotographic prints
Copyright HolderCopyright status for this item has not been investigated.
DescriptionBack Row (left to right): Paul Edward Roche; Abbott Widdicombe; John Lawrence Fearey; John Garrison Mersereau; Harold Nelson Willard; Frederic Charles Hirons, Jr.; Herbert Elmer Pickett, Jr.' William Emery Littlefield. Front Row (left to right): Albert Peter Dewey; Robert Seelye Reigeluth; Norman Campbell Cross; William Warren Scranton; Donald McBride, Jr.; Harrie Waldo Bird, Jr.; William Graves Harris.
Record Unit NamePictures of Yale clubs and societies, ca. 1850-1994 (inclusive).
Record Unit NumberRU 0692
Box Number2
Folder Number43
Folder NameBerzelius, c.1859 - 1939
File Name005565.jpg
Credit LinePictures of Yale clubs and societies, ca. 1850-1994 (inclusive). Manuscripts & Archives, Yale University

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