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TitleReproduction of a painting from life in the year 1890 of "Handsome Dan," the Original Yale Mascot, and signed by the artist, Andrew B. Graves.
Image Number8130
Original MaterialPosters
Copyright HolderCopyright Andrew Barbey Graves
DescriptionA set of crossed oars are below with the caption, "Well Rowed Yale." Handsome Dan was purchased from a local blacksmith by Yale football tackle, Andrew Barbey Graves, in 1889, and became the first American university mascot. Graves was a non-graduate member of the Sheffield Scientific School Class of 1892.
Record Unit NamePictures of student life at Yale, 1779-1988 (inclusive).
Record Unit NumberRU 0736
Box NumberDrawer 15
Folder Number50
Folder NamePosters with Handsome Dan
File Name008130.jpg
Credit LinePictures of student life at Yale, 1779-1988 (inclusive). Manuscripts & Archives, Yale University

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