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TitleReproduction of a painting from life in the year 1890 of "Handsome Dan," the Original Yale Mascot, and signed by the artist, Andrew B. Graves.
Image Number8130
Original MaterialPosters
Dimensions30.65 x 38.01 cm
Copyright HolderCopyright Andrew Barbey Graves
DescriptionA set of crossed oars are below with the caption, "Well Rowed Yale." Handsome Dan was purchased from a local blacksmith by Yale football tackle, Andrew Barbey Graves, in 1889, and became the first American university mascot. Graves was a non-graduate member of the Sheffield Scientific School Class of 1892.
Record Unit NamePictures of student life at Yale, 1779-1988 (inclusive).
Record Unit NumberRU 0736
Box NumberDrawer 15
Folder Number50
Folder NamePosters with Handsome Dan
File Name008130.jpg
Credit LinePictures of student life at Yale, 1779-1988 (inclusive). Manuscripts & Archives, Yale University

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