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TitleYale Political Union, Fall 1964.
Image Number6674
Date of Creation1964
Original MaterialBooks (part of)
Copyright HolderCopyright status for this item has been investigated but could not be determined.
DescriptionFront row, left to right: Audie Le Lundy, Jr., 1966; John F. Southworth, 1966; John F. Kerry, 1966 (President); John F. McGonagle, Jr., 1966; and James Theodore Betts, 1966. Standing, left to right: Henry Norman Christensen, Jr., 1966; Jack Hibbard Dunn, 1966; John W. Lungstrum, 1967; and Jorge I. Dominguez, 1967.
Publication TitleYale class book 1965.
Call NumberYbb 965
Volume Number1
Page Number147
File Name006674.jpg
Credit LineYale class book 1965. Manuscripts & Archives, Yale University

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