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TitleFirst Yale Unit, as pictured in the Golden Anniversary - U. S. Naval Air Reserve progarm.
Image Number46520
Date of CreationCirca 1915/1918
Original MaterialPeriodicals (part of)
Copyright HolderCopyright status for this item has been investigated but could not be determined.
DescriptionSecond Row: Albert J. Ditman, George Franklyn Lawrence, Jr., R. Bartow Read*, Charles M. Stewart*, Reginald G. Coombe, Kenneth R. Smith, H. P. Davison, Jr.*, Henry Landon*, Albert D. Sturtevant*, John V. Farwell III. First Row: John M. Vorys, C. Frederic Beach, Oliver B. James*, Frank R. V. Lynch, Robert A. Lovett, Allan, W. Ames*, Wellesley Laud-Brown, Samuel S. Walker, Archibald McIlwaine*, Curtis S. Read, Erl C. B. Gould, Graham M. Brush, Kenneth MacLeish*, David S. Ingalls, Artemus L. Gates, F. Trubee Davison. (* decreased)
Manuscript Group NameF Trubee Davison papers.
Manuscript Group NumberMS 601
Box Number15
Folder Number241
Folder NameFolder Title: Navy League Dinner - printed matetial, photographs, and miscellaneous 1966 - 67
Credit LineF Trubee Davison papers. Manuscripts & Archives, Yale University

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