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66 733 Al325 Folio
Robert Jenkin, oil-man, at the Oil Jar, in Fleet Street near the Market, London. Sells all sorts of fine oils likewise
[p. 44] | Title continues: gallipoly, linsee, rape, train, neatsfoot drying & turpentine oils, distill'd vinegar, wine vinegar, rape vinegar, verjuce, basked & comn salt, French Bay salt, salt prunalla, salt petre & petre salt, India & English mangoes, India & English ketchup, fine Russia cavere, French Spanish & Luca olives, capers, anchovies, vermichelli, macrony, troffels & morrels, dry'd mushrooms, hams & tongues, Dutch beef, fine Durham & common mustard flower, Castile & brown soap, common cake soap, crown soap, hair powder, powland & comn. starch, rock indico, fine seques figges & drop do., calcin'd smalts, common powder blue, battle gun powder & shot, rock & common allom, Venice & refin'd turpentine, Burgundy pitch, roll'd brimstone sulpher, yellow & black rosin, pitch & tar, black red & white lead, ivory & lamp black, gumdragon & arabick, bees wax & glue, wax & spermaceti can., flambeaux & links, red & pickl'd herrings, pearl ashes, rotton & fire stone, fullers earth, emmery & whiting, red scowering sand, flag brooms & corks, cords & packthread, wholesale & retail with all sorts of foreign & English pickles.
[Album of trade cards and invitations], between 1733 and 1769
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